Compass Pointe Consulting
Contract Resourcing

Let us help you expand and contract your workforce as you see fit by working with you to identify and hire  project resource consultants with the skills you need  for the period of time you need them.

Contract resources remain our employees while working for you to accomplish your project based goals.

At Compass Pointe, we believe it's not the “what we do", but the “how we do it” that separates us from our competitors.

Contract to Hire

We  help our clients build their full-time work force through hiring of consulting resources.

Let’s face it, if you like our contractors so much that you want them to be on your staff long term, and our contractors like your business so much that they want to join your team… well then, we did a good thing!

Direct Hire

Whether your search is contingency based, ad-hoc on-demand or maybe we just know you and think a candidate could be  a good fit, we’ll work closely with your team to identify candidates who have the technical skills, soft skills and career goals that fit your team’s dynamic culture.

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